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President Barack Obama Town Hall CNN Gun Control America Jan 7, 2016

It is absolutely astounding to me that the individuals who oppose enforcing gun control (besides the one's profiting from guns) do not understand that it will not be harder for them to get a gun if they are responsible enough to own one.  I assume these individuals believe that they are responsible enough to own a gun so what are they afraid of? Why are they fighting against progress towards less gun violence if it won't affect their freedom to own one but instead offers a possibility of ensuring their safety?

These individuals automatically feel that they are being robbed of their freedom.  They become defensive about their rights, and usually only their rights.  Those that are for this enforcement believe in the protection of everyone's freedom and rights.  These pro-gun individuals need to realize that many people are being hurt and killed needlessly because guns are too accessible and for this reason and this reason alone it is sensible to look for ways to prevent these deaths or at least minimize them. We are an advanced society, we should be looking for solutions to our problems instead of becoming hostile towards these ideas.

Anyone who is against the enforcement of gun control should consider the safety of others instead of only theirs. They need to consider the society they belong to instead of only their family.  It should be realized that their family is part of a larger family.  I believe this opposition to a common sense notion is based out of a selfish individual pursuit for success. Our technology-oriented society is polluted with the idea that we need focus on our individual success instead of expanding that scope to include everyone else.  Although I do acknowledge the importance of being productive and having a drive to be successful, I don't see the value if it ignores everything and everyone else.  Far too many people do not understand and appreciate that we are all interconnected.  I feel that is a fundamental problem in the society I am a part of.