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Leaders Debate - Globe and Mail

While watching the leaders debate on Thursday night I wondered to myself why can't they work together instead of fighting against each-other.  This behavior is counterproductive in doing what is best for Canada, which is the one goal they all claim to have.

Adults teach children to get along and play fair yet these simple and important lessons are no longer reinforced as we become adults. Instead, we are told and trained to do our best and to be successful.  Doing our best and being successful are certainly good goals and qualities to have but unfortunately in our society, our success is measured by our income, and having more money leads to acquiring more power and supposedly more happiness.  This need for success leads us to neglect our ability to care about one another.

Also, I highly respect and admire Elizabeth May for making herself heard.  This is not just about the Green Party and Elizabeth May.  This is about a group of individuals working together to do what it takes to be heard and inspiring others to do the same.