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Wearing my opinions like a badge

The Zounds


If you gotta job
Where they treat you like a slave
Where they treat you like a zombie
In their corporate grave

If you work in a office making tea for the bosses
While they are getting richer on ten time your pay
They may think you're stupid but you're working undercover
You've got the potential to disobey

- Subvert - Curse of the Zounds 1981


There's an awful lot of people in the world today
There's an awful lot of trouble in the streets these days
And it doesn't seem to matter what you do or say
If a change is gonna come you've got to help it on its way

A change is gonna come before too long I know
Peace has gotta come, well, I could be wrong I know
But I just don't know what I can do

You don't trust me and I don't trust you
I bet you wish you did and I know I do
Why have you got secrets? Cause I know you have
If you've got something to hide then it must be bad

-Can't Cheat Karma - Curse of the Zounds 1981


 I can look in the mirror and not recognize
The reflection that is appearing on the other side
I know that hat and that coat that shirt and that tie
But I can't seem to remember who's been living inside

Sometimes I think I'll go and get a knife
And cut all of my clothes down in to rags
Sometimes I think I'll take a holiday
From wearing my opinions like a badge

Well I've been down on the pavement I've been shopping for clothes
But it's just one uniform then another all standing in rows
A new outfit a new outlook another show
I shed one skin from my body then another one grows

-Knife - Curse of the Zounds 1981


There's a new band every week
New ways to move your feet
New sounds to thrill your ears
Same old chords dresses up weird
New attitudes, brand new stance
Different steps but the same old dance
New ways but in the end
It's a new way to make you spend

The media cares cause the media knows
Fashions comes and fashions go
Last week trend is now passe
Cause there's something better to buy today
You can buy something and leave it at that
But you go and try to take it back
They'll offer you nothing though it cost the Earth
Soon show you what they think your worth

-New Band - Curse of the Zounds 1981